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The first monetary gifting platform to truly take the "funny out of money."

A far more tasteful, rewarding, convenient and dare we say fun way to gift money to the youngsters we adore . . . and grow their long-term wealth.

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Corral your personal village...
They’re rooting for your kids.

You’d love the monetary gifts. Family and friends would love to pitch in. So what’s stopping it from happening? Money is funny.

Until now, coordinating those gifts has been a wee bit awkward, even for close family.

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So many reasons to celebrate your little and bigger “squirts”...and nurture their nest eggs.

Aunt Natalie sends a virtual tooth fairy to Lila – with a $ gift – for her newly lost front uppers, while grandma and grandpa gift a much bigger amount just “because.” Sam’s friends pile on contributions for his 8th birthday.

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Spark conversations...and connect your young ‘uns to wonderfully large gifts.

Think how much more rewarding those major behind-the-scenes gifts become when kids learn each time grandma and grandpa grow their nest eggs. Relax, the size of those gifts will still be a “state secret” to kids.

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How It Works

1 Easy to Get Started

Register, connect with family and friends, and choose one of our financial partners . . . simply and seamlessly.


2 Share childhood celebrations and graciously introduce gifting

Digital party invites, birth announcements and grin-worthy updates put monetary gifting on the radar of friends and family in an oh so subtle way.


3 Your “village” celebrates those events . . . by growing their nest eggs

Family and friends gift directly into your youngsters’ accounts via a credit card with just a few quick clicks.


4 We announce each gift with colorful custom e-cards

Your kids are now on the path to financial awesomeness.